I opened my eyes at 8:20pm EST (yes, 5:20am in the Maldives), i jumped out of bed, open the door to the balcony, and there it was… paradise. I still could not believe we were there, 9,831 miles away from home, away from everything, in the middle of the Indian Ocean.
The water was crystal clear, the ocean endless, the sun was rising, the sky turning a beautiful shade of pink and orange, and we just laid back on the deck and admired the beginning of the most amazing experience of our lives.
The Maldives is composed by 26 atolls in which each resort is its own little island.  We stayed at the LUX hotel, and amazing resort where the island is very long but very thin, so you can see a full 360 degrees of the lagoon/ocean.
Our room, incredible. A private little villa over the water. The hotel, spectacular: pure white sand on about 3 miles of beaches, clear blue water, 2 different infinity pools, about 6 different restaurants with an amazing variety of food, your own coffee barista, incredible service and friendly crew, and a immense list of water activities to entertain yourself.
Phew… Thats a mouthful!
What more could we ask for?

The island pool and bar

lux senses

lux maldives

sunset maldives


pool during sunset

My recommendation: all inclusive!
Because we were on our honeymoon, the hotel already includes a discounted rate and breakfast and other things, (including a couple of surprises… Wink wink), but beyond that, if you can, add the all inclusive package. It is totally worth it.


The Senses pool and bar!
An incredible infinity pool with bar service, water mist and cold towels when you’re getting hot, plus an incredible view of the beach.
Sunsets and sunrises:
You get the best views and the most amazing skies.
The beach pizzeria!
One word: deliciousness.
What more could you want? Anytime beer and pizza.
Cafe lux!
Coffee snobs welcomed.
We were in love with our daily coffee fix!

Room for improvement

Tip for the hotel:
Make the senses pool adult only, or make another pool that is just for kids.
I really don’t want to spend my romantic honeymoon with a couple of kids splashing next to me.
The check in process was totally inefficient. Most of your guests will likely come from very far, so after hours on a plane, all they want is to just go get settled and relax! Not wait in the lobby for all the paperwork, and passport photocopies when we had already emailed all of that in advanced! Average time checking in at a hotel is about 2 mins. Not 45!

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